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Welcome to Wilma Yu Photography Online

Featuring photos of unusual creatures found in tropical waters around the world.

I have been diving for 10 years and became interested in photography early on.  Initially it was to identify the animals and corals I saw and later it became an artistic pursuit.  My photos are minimally manipulated in order to portray the true environment.  I enjoy sharing the wonderful variety of life the oceans contain, especially those things that are unusual.  The colors, shapes and diversity of animals are amazing. 

Photos are from dive sites in the Caribbean (Caymans, Bonaire, Roatan, Bahamas and Dominique) and from the Indo-Pacific (Philippines, Palau, Yap, Indonesia (Bali, Sulawesi), Malaysia, Hawaii).  Although, I have done wide angle, I prefer macro to focus on the “little stuff.”  My camera is an Olympus SLR 410.

(last update Thursday, October 4, 2012)